Staring Computer Screen? Try Do About It

Eyes strained by too long to see a computer is a common problem faced by people who work with computers. Computer Vision Syndrome have symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, watery eyes and eye fatigue.

For most people, the symptoms are only temporary. Once you stop using the computer, it will disappear by itself. The bad news, as noted by The Verge, this symptom can arise if you look at the computer for 2 hours. While many people who were in front of the computer for much longer than that.

Staring at a computer can make eyes tired faster than reading on paper because it makes us more rarely blink. According to the University of Iowa, staring at a computer reduce the frequency of blinking up to a third person.

Moreover, America Optometric Association says, the characters that appear on the screen do not appear as clear as on paper.

The things that make the eyes have to work hard, making him tired. Looking at the screen at an angle that is not ideal also increase the discomfort it. Ideally, you should look at the monitor down – about 15-25 degrees – and it should be placed about 50-70 cm from your eyes.

Eye rested will also help your eyes. After staring at the computer for 20 minutes, we recommend you stare at anything within 20 feet (6 m) for 20 seconds. After working at the computer for 2 hours, rest your eyes for 15 minutes.

Using a special computer glasses can also help reduce the screen brightness and increase contrast. By doing so, the eyes do not have to work too hard. Age also affects the condition of the eye, because the eyes have become increasingly less flexible with age.

The contact lens users may experience dry eyes and blurred vision, because when using contact lenses, one more rarely blinks. Occasionally, you can replace contact lenses with glasses. Using eye drops for the eyes do not dry also helps.

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