Care Tips for car on Rainy Season

High rainfall intensity some areas in Indonesia in recent weeks, making the car owner must keep more extra. Because rain water containing salt and dirt are left clinging too long could create problems in the car, particularly related to corrosion or rust.

Therefore, if the car condition is more durable and still comfortable to use, you need to take care of the car on a regular basis. Here are some simple steps to take care of your car.

1. Do not Let the Rain Water Dries
Soon the car wash to remove rain water had dried up. Use car wash soap and soft sponge to remove patches of rain water marks. Rainwater is left to dry in the car body can damage the paint layer and eventually lead to rust.

2. Check Car Engine Parts
Many are just wiping the exterior of the car after the completion of the washing process. Should also check machine parts to clean water that goes into. Do not get water on the components in the engine and makes the car broke down at a later date.

3. Spray Silicon Spray on the glass and rubbers
Some parts of rubber and glass are vulnerable exposed to rain and heat. This condition can cause part rubbers fast cars and broken glass. To prevent that from happening, the car owner can spray the liquid silicone rubber that part of the glass and more durable.

4. Add the carpet in the cabins to Prevent Fungus
Foot passengers prone to damp and wet the floor of the car during the rainy season. To avoid rapid dirty floor, cover the floor with carpets eksta. Try to use a carpet made of synthetic leather / rubber to facilitate cleaning.

5. Car Parking Garage Closed
After washing the car, quickly enter the car into a closed garage. Obviously, this step to protect the car from rain and prevent mold from water when dry terkenna direct sunlight.

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