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Care Tips for car on Rainy Season

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High rainfall intensity some areas in Indonesia in recent weeks, making the car owner must keep more extra. Because rain water containing salt and dirt are left clinging too long could create problems in the car, particularly related to corrosion or rust.

Therefore, if the car condition is more durable and still comfortable to use, you need to take care of the car on a regular basis. Here are some simple steps to take care of your car.

1. Do not Let the Rain Water Dries
Soon the car wash to remove rain water had dried up. Use car wash soap and soft sponge to remove patches of rain water marks. Rainwater is left to dry in the car body can damage the paint layer and eventually lead to rust.

2. Check Car Engine Parts
Many are just wiping the exterior of the car after the completion of the washing process. Should also check machine parts to clean water that goes into. Do not get water on the components in the engine and makes the car broke down at a later date.

3. Spray Silicon Spray on the glass and rubbers
Some parts of rubber and glass are vulnerable exposed to rain and heat. This condition can cause part rubbers fast cars and broken glass. To prevent that from happening, the car owner can spray the liquid silicone rubber that part of the glass and more durable.

4. Add the carpet in the cabins to Prevent Fungus
Foot passengers prone to damp and wet the floor of the car during the rainy season. To avoid rapid dirty floor, cover the floor with carpets eksta. Try to use a carpet made of synthetic leather / rubber to facilitate cleaning.

5. Car Parking Garage Closed
After washing the car, quickly enter the car into a closed garage. Obviously, this step to protect the car from rain and prevent mold from water when dry terkenna direct sunlight.

Gareth Bale Comeback, Bawa Madrid Defeat Espanyol

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Real Madrid managed to reap the full points when host Espanyol on Saturday, February 18 evening hrs. Gareth Bale mark her comeback with a goal to bring the contribution Los Blancos won 2-0.

Madrid melakoni this important mission to continue to keep the distance to Barcelona is ranked second in the league table of La Liga. Moreover, they are also eyeing record of always scoring for 42 consecutive games.

Victory Madrid begins goals from Alvaro Morata in the 33rd minute. Former Juventus striker scored after utilizing cross from Isco gorgeous. 1-0 score lasted until the game after the first half.

In the second half, Zinedine Zidane made some changes by entering Casemiro and players who have long pulled over due to injury, Gareth Bale. Casemiro replaces Mateo Kovacic, while Bale replaced Morata.

Bale then mark her comeback after nearly three months to pull over due to injury with a goal. Players from Wales was scored in the 83rd minute after receiving a through pass from Isco.

Bale ran the break Espanyol defense from midfield. He then ended with a fierce shot that is fruitful for her first goal since November 2016. The final result, Los Blancos won 2-0.

These results membbuat Madrid more comfortable at the top of La Liga for a while with 52 points from 21 times a game. They are four points with Barcelona who is ranked second.

The composition of the players of both teams:
Madrid: Casilla, Carvajal, Pepe, Varane, Nacho, Kovacic, Kroos, Isco, Lucas, Morata, Ronaldo.

Espanyol: Lopez, Reyes, Lopes, Duarte, Caricol, Fuego, Diop, Jose Antonio Reyes, Pablo Piatti, Moreno.

Staring Computer Screen? Try Do About It

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Eyes strained by too long to see a computer is a common problem faced by people who work with computers. Computer Vision Syndrome have symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, watery eyes and eye fatigue.

For most people, the symptoms are only temporary. Once you stop using the computer, it will disappear by itself. The bad news, as noted by The Verge, this symptom can arise if you look at the computer for 2 hours. While many people who were in front of the computer for much longer than that.

Staring at a computer can make eyes tired faster than reading on paper because it makes us more rarely blink. According to the University of Iowa, staring at a computer reduce the frequency of blinking up to a third person.

Moreover, America Optometric Association says, the characters that appear on the screen do not appear as clear as on paper.

The things that make the eyes have to work hard, making him tired. Looking at the screen at an angle that is not ideal also increase the discomfort it. Ideally, you should look at the monitor down – about 15-25 degrees – and it should be placed about 50-70 cm from your eyes.

Eye rested will also help your eyes. After staring at the computer for 20 minutes, we recommend you stare at anything within 20 feet (6 m) for 20 seconds. After working at the computer for 2 hours, rest your eyes for 15 minutes.

Using a special computer glasses can also help reduce the screen brightness and increase contrast. By doing so, the eyes do not have to work too hard. Age also affects the condition of the eye, because the eyes have become increasingly less flexible with age.

The contact lens users may experience dry eyes and blurred vision, because when using contact lenses, one more rarely blinks. Occasionally, you can replace contact lenses with glasses. Using eye drops for the eyes do not dry also helps.

Malaysia hunting four other top Murder Suspect Kim Jong-nam

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Malaysian police were looking for four suspects the North Korea (North Korea) related to the murder of Kim Jong-nam, a half sister of Pyongyang leader Kim Jong-un.

Half sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had died while being transported to the hospital on Monday, February 13, 2017 after a sudden illness at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

South Korea (ROK) and the United States (US) suspect he was killed North Korean agents.

“The four suspects, all males aged between 33 and 57 years, leaving the neighbor country on the same day when Kim died,” said police chief Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim at a press conference, as reported by Sky News, Sunday, February 19, 2017.

In addition, three North Koreans is being sought for questioning police.

The manhunt intensified after officers arrested a man North Korea, Friday, February 17, 2017, related to the murder.

Two women unexpected murder cases, one from Indonesia and the other a trip undocumented Vietnam, have also been detained along with a Malaysian man.

Kim Jong-nam was originally known for his support for the reform of the authoritarian North Korean regime and against the policies of dynastic succession. However, he never defected or leading the campaign against his brother.

Chief South Korean intelligence believe the murder was ordered Kim Jong-Un some time ago because he regarded it as a threat seayahnya brother.

North Korean leader has been supervising the cleaning number of “traitors”, including his uncle Jang Song-Thaek General, who was executed through a machine gun in December 2013.

Kim Jong-Nam is the son of Song Hye-Rim, an actress born in South Korea, which is believed to have been married to Kim Jong-il.

Understood because his position as heir to the eldest son, he is alleged to have overseen the North after he failed to enter Japan in May 2001 because of false passports.

He claimed to want to visit Tokyo Disneyland rides, but the incident is embarrassing his father Kim Jong-un is elected as heir to the throne.

After the scandal, Kim Jong-nam and his family lived in Macau, Singapore, and China.